The Echos have been on a hiatus for the past two years in order to focus on school and solo projects. However, the two have decided to finally release their single, “The Kiss,” that they recorded with Cody Taylor of Fiend Recordings in 2018. The Echos are eager to share their new song with you on June 12th, 2020!

The Echos are a folk-pop duo made up of two group members; Nicole Broughton and Jess Cichos. The two met in the Douglas College Music Program in 2013 where Jess concentrated on voice, and Nicole on piano. For two music students, the name of their duo had to have historical musical roots and that is why they chose “The Echos.” In case you were wondering where that missing “e” in “echoes” went, the word “echos” is a Greek term for “sound” and is a musical mode in Byzantine music theory. After graduating from the Douglas College Music Program in 2015, Jess went on to study music education at Vancouver Community College and will be beginning her PDP program this fall. Nicole went on to complete her Bachelor of Music Therapy Degree at Capilano University and currently works as a music therapist with seniors in a long term care facility. 

Nicole’s love of songwriting combined with Jess’ love of singing and performing creates compelling storytelling through song accompanied by luscious harmonies and expressive and pleasing melodies. Some of The Echos’ notable performances include opening for the late John Mann of Spirit of the West and opening for Andrew Allen at a benefit concert. The Echos released their debut EP, “Blue” in February 2016 and will be releasing their latest single on June 12th, 2020. 

Along with her folk-pop duo, Nicole has a solo pop project in which she goes by “Nicole Audrey.” She released her latest single, “Feel Something,” on February 29th, 2020 and the accompanying music video on March 28th, 2020.

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